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Privacy 3D Curved Full Cover for iPhone 7,7 Plus

发布时间:2017/07/03 Featured Products iPhone 6 iPhone 7 浏览次数:5820

Real glass 0.35mm thickness
Two-way privacy film is incorporated into the glass to obstruct the view of your screen from onlookers.
Protect your sensitive data from those around you while on your device.
Oleophobic coating repels fingerprints and oily residue
Super – responsive touch sensitivity
Self absorbed glass for bubble free application
Colors : Black , white

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1. Glass Thickness: 0.35 mm
2. Glass Material Corning Gorilla/Asahi Dragon Trail/Panda Glass
3. Strength Technology Hydrofluoric acid
4:Glue Dentengda (Korea)
5:Adhesive Strength 3500G
6:Glue Thichness 0.35 mm
7: Transmittance 94.5%
8. AF Test >3000 under 500g pressure (Steel Wool Ball)
9.Droplet Angel 100° ~ 115°
10. Tempered Time A: Heating Tempered Oven: 2H
B:Tempered Time: 4 ~ 6Hours
11. Tempered Temperature: 380 ~ 400℃
12.AF Oil Dakin 5‰
 13.Cutting Rate:  38%



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